Minding the Gap

London, we have arrived!!! In my time zone, it’s 6:50 AM, Monday morning.

After a long travel day, we arrived in the UK at about 8 AM on Sunday morning and had a full day from there. The first thing that intrigued me about Europe: the traffic patterns. I actually got a little nerdy trying to figure out how the streets work and concluded that I would never be able to drive here. Not only do the Brits drive on opposite sides than Americans, but the stoplights are different, signs are different, and every intersection seems to be a roundabout. That was a total side note. Anyways…


We’re only in London for a few days, and trying to do as much as we can while we’re here. For 4 nights, we are staying in the dorms at Regents University, a college located in the middle of London’s gorgeous Regents Park. After we checked in Sunday afternoon, everyone either explored or took a nap. I, of course, chose to explore the park and skipped the nap, which didn’t turn out so well for me. I…ended up falling asleep on a bench inside the park. That wasn’t the first bench I had fallen asleep on yesterday. Before the nap, though, a few of us explored the park. There were gorgeous flowers in every garden, lots of people, and a huge lake. This gave us the chance to become familiar with our surroundings, so Mom, you can worry a little less knowing that I can navigate around London!

Sunday evening, our group hit the tube. It was a people-watching dream. The tube is actually only slightly confusing. I think I’ve figured out the system but…we’ll see how that goes. We followed the tube to the start of our walking tour of London, beside “The Monument,” which is what it sounds like. A big monument, representing the Great Fire of London.


Our walking tour was not what the group had expected. Instead of seeing the major sites in the heart of London, we saw the most popular spots for suicide and ventured into many, many alleys. Sadly, I’m not even trying to be sarcastic. The tour ended up being more historically informative rather than the sight-seeing we had anticipated. And because it was a Sunday night, London looked like a ghost town. There was hardly anyone on the streets! It was kind of nice but slightly creepy. By the end of the tour, we were hungry and jet lagged. The one highlight of the tour (for all the Harry Potter fans) was seeing the original spot of filming for Olivander’s Wand Shop and Diagon Alley. After another tube ride, we ended the day with dinner at Chipotle. Not the first meal we thought we were going to have in London, but it seemed to be the only restaurant open.


And that was our first day in London! Don’t worry, I won’t be sleeping on any more benches. The 7 solid hours of sleep I just woke up from took care of all my sleepiness. Hopefully, within the next few days we’ll get used to this time zone.

Praise God for safe travels and continuously blessing this trip! I’ve already seen Him here, in the beauty of this city and in the kindness of the people we’ve met.

Here’s to another great day in London!


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