Notting Hill: Dreams Do Come True

I checked another thing off of my bucket list today! We girls conquered Notting Hill! If you didn’t know, Notting Hill is one of my favorite movies of all time. Visiting some of the sites of the movie was one thing I knew I had to do. Notting Hill is a quaint, adorable town right around the corner of Kensington. The main strip, Portobello Road, is home to the famous Portobello Market. It’s filled with all different types of shops, for tourist and Brits. We walked for probably a mile or so, just enjoying seeing all the people and all the different shops.

Our main goal, though, was to see filming sites. I had the addresses for all the major scenes (number one fan alert). If you’re familiar with the movie, you’ll know that Hugh Grant’s character works in a travel book store. In reality, it’s a janky shoe store called “Notting Hill” that doesn’t allow cameras inside. Grant’s home from the movie is famous for the blue door. The most disappointing part of our trip was discovering that the blue door does not exist. We searched and searched for the address we had found, but eventually, we lost hope. Traveling over to Notting Hill, though, was definitely worth it.

This evening, we went to Her Majesty’s Theatre and saw Phantom of the Opera. I’d never seen it before (and hardly knew the plot), so I didn’t enjoy the show as much as the rest of the group, but it was still a great experience. After the show, a few of us went on a real adventure. First, we stopped at the King’s Cross tube stop to see the famous Platform 9 3/4 (a Harry Potter fan’s dream). Then we went on a hunt to find a tunnel we’d heard about, but we didn’t know exactly where it was. After asking many locals for directions and a lot of walking we finally gave up, but it was fun to see parts of London at night and to see different parts of the city that we hadn’t been to yet. When we finally decided to call it quits, we asked someone where the nearest tube station was. His response? “Right around the corner, but you better run before it closes.” This is when we learned the hard way that the Underground closes at 12:30. The 7 of us immediately started to sprint down the streets, searching for the Underground sign. We got in, only to discover there was only one train left. The elevator wasn’t running either, so we had to run down about 200 (or more) spiraling steps. Thankfully, we caught the train, but it only took us one stop down from where we were. We ended up walking back to Regent’s, but it was actually a pretty fun time. The streets weren’t very busy, and we just had a good time walking! Running full speed down the London streets, though, is a great memory.

It’s late here but I wanted to blog one last time while we’re still at Regent’s and have easy wifi access. Tomorrow is our last full day in London, and then we head to Bath on Thursday!


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