YOLO: You Only London Once

Tonight I’m typing away in my new gorgeous apartment in Bath! I am ecstatic to be here! The town is beautiful. We went on a walk today to see the town, which looks pretty Italian to us. Our apartments are unbelievable. Somehow, Savannah and I got the handicap accessible apartment…which means it’s extra spacious! Our apartment connects to Rachel and Michaela’s, but we each have our own doors that have a street entrance. We’re feeling very grown up. Pictures to come!

Our last day in London was spent seeing the Crown Jewels, worshipping at Westminster Abbey, and riding the London Eye. I wasn’t very keen on going to the Tower of London to see the jewels (I was absolutely famished and a bit grumpy…) but it was cool to see all the crowns, swords, etc from hundreds of years ago. Not much to say there.

West Minster was my absolute favorite part of the day. We went to the worship service (free to get into instead of paying for a tour) that night. There are no words to describe how beautiful it is on the inside. It was hard to focus on the service because there were so many things to look at. The floors were decorated, the walls, the ceiling, the columns…everything. The architecture was incredible. Our service was only in the back half of the building, so we couldn’t see the entire length of it because our view was blocked. We did, though, get to see the Coronation Chair and many memorials that are towards the back. It was so interesting to see their order of worship and to hear all the different voices, accents, and languages speaking the Lord’s Prayer. I never actually kneel during worship, but we knelt on that ornate floor many times.

After worship, we stopped by Oxford Street to see all the big stores. 6-story H&M people. Just sayin’. We ate at a great Italian place where we met the coolest waitress. We thought she was about 24, but she was actually our age! She had the prettiest accent I’ve heard so far and was super sweet when we were confused on how to order.

We ended our time in London by riding the London Eye, which was so amazing. Seeing the city light up at night is spectacular. Big Ben, Buckingham, the Waterloo Bridge…everything is so lit up. The ride probably took about 30 minutes, so we had plenty of time to take in the view. After that we headed to the biggest (or one of the biggest) stations in England, Waterloo Station. It was huge! We stayed in a hostel last night, which wasn’t bad at all! It was pretty clean, which was all I cared about! Then we took a coach to Bath; the ride to Bath was beautiful once we got out of the city, straight out of a movie.


Takeaways from London:

  • People are pretty rude.
  • Public restrooms are not a thing with the Brits.
  • If there is a toilet, it’s smaller than you could ever imagine and surprisingly confusing to flush.
  • In the city, there are not as many English people as you’d think. We honestly didn’t hear that many British accents while we were there.

Translations from London:

  • Jackets=baked potato
  • Litter=trashcan
  • Lift=elevator
  • Toilets=restroom

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