New Discoveries

It’s 1:45 am here in Bath, which means it’s officially September!

Once again, we’ve had a great day. Didn’t start out great for me (due to tiredness), but as usual, God always gives me something to be in awe of. This morning, we took a walk and ended up at the Royal Crescent, another one of the major sites in Bath. I’ve really been looking forward to going there, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The Royal Crescent is basically a street of houses shaped in a semicircle, with a beautiful lawn out front. It was built in the 1700s, and is now a hotel. Rachel and I sat on the lawn for a few minutes, and it was so peaceful. The weather was great, and the grass was actually pretty perfect.

After lunch, we headed out for another walk (we=myself, Michaela, Savannah, Rachel Hannah, Alex, Braden, Zach, Andrew, and Matt). After climbing a serious hill for probably a mile or so, we ended up at Bath University. It was an absolutely gorgeous campus. We kept walking, taking turns wherever we felt like it. When we had hiked to the top of the hill, we realized we were on a golf course; but at least it had a trail running through it. We followed the trail to find one of the best views of Bath. After taking the view in, we walked through the woods for a little while. This was probably my favorite time of the day. After climbing out of the woods, we found a road and began to walk home. Rachel finally looked up and saw the destination we had hoped for: a castle. After climbing a little more, we found a stone wall instead of a castle, but it was still pretty neat. The boys climbed it, and we girls took pictures.

Some more British translations:

  • car park: parking lot
  • take away: to go
  • biscuits: cookies
  • crisps: chips
  • chips: fries
  • HOB: stove

A conversation I had in the grocery store today:

“Do you know if you sell cookie dough?”

“Cookie dough?”

“Yea, uncooked, prepared cookie dough. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Yes.” (Turns to another employee) “Where would cookie dough be?” (Turns to me) “Like frozen?”


After a few minutes, and help from some other employees, for the first time ever I bought powdered cookie dough. For a baker, that was the low point of the day. It only made about 10 tiny cookies; we won’t be doing that again…


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