School Begins

Not too much to report from today. Most of our group had our first class (The Religious History of Britain) in the morning. We take a ten-minute walk to the building, hike up too many small staircases, and end up in an un-airconditioned, small classroom. The view, though, makes it worth it. The city looks like it’s out of a fairy tale.

After lunch, some of the girls went shopping in the next town over, Bristol. We decided to take the train there, knowing it would be good experience. Riding through the English countryside is something I can’t even explain. Sometimes it simply just looks like a farm in America, but there are still English aspects. All the houses here are built and look so differently, and the sky seems so calm when you’re sitting on the train. There are few farms; we’ve seen some cattle , sheep, and pigs but that’s been about it.

When we got there, I could immediately tell that Bristol was a more industrial town with probably a bigger population than Bath. There were a lot more cars and a lot less tourists walking around. We found our way to the shopping center and finally found Primark, the greatest place in Bristol. We were there for hours, taking advantage of all the cheap prices. On the way back, we accidentally took the wrong train home; it only took us about one ride to realize this, luckily. We knew it would happen at some point. It made our ride a little longer, but at least we realized our mistake early on. Our entire group had a potluck tonight, which was really great! I feel so thankful to be surrounded by these 23 other people.

Our first weekend of travel begins tomorrow! I’ll be headed to Cornwall with 5 others; wish us luck!


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