“Welcome to the world of doing things the way they aren’t supposed to be done”

It’s Monday morning here in Bath, and I should probably be doing homework, but if I don’t write now I’ll forget too much. Mary Kate, Sarah, Allie, Evan, Jacob, and I spent our first free weekend here travelling to Cornwall, a five-hour train ride away from Bath. I chose to travel with them because I knew no matter what we did, it would be an adventure. And I was definitely right.

After class on Friday, we took an afternoon train…a very full afternoon train. Sarah and I sat on the floor with all the luggage for a while, waiting for seats to open up. It was a long ride, but the views were great. It was a challenge to fall asleep because I felt like I was missing something out the window. Something I didn’t know about trains here: the seats face the opposite direction of which the train is driving. We did get quite bored, though, and Mary Kate and I ended up playing “If you push the button…” for two hours (shout-out to David Rubio). It was colder than we were used to when we arrived in Cornwall, and our hostel was a mile and half away from the train station. It was actually a nice hostel though, with clean sheets and a comfy bed, which was all I wanted at that point.


We woke up to the sound of rain (Evan tried and failed to wake us up at 6 AM), and had to walk into town in a downpour. Dad, you’ll be happy to know that the new rain jacket is very waterproof. We grabbed breakfast, when I ate my first Cornish pasty, and thankfully it stopped raining. We made it to the beach and headed towards St. Michael’s Mount, a castle on an island that you can only reach during low tide. The environment reminded me of all the beaches our family visited in California; it was chilly, the water was freezing, but still beautiful. We only got in the water for a few minutes, up to our knees, but it was absolutely frigid. Someone told us that’s the warmest it will get all year. Our entire day was made up of exploring the coastline. Basically, we walked and walked and walked, climbing over rocks in the process, until we reached the only beach with sand, and where we ate a café overlooking the ocean. We went further up in the hills along a trail that led us to some more gorgeous scenery, ending our hike with a view that looked over everything we had walked that day. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful views, but God never stops giving me something to in awe of. It was picturesque. When we look to the hills, we’d see farmland and cattle, but when we looked down we’d see cliffs and the ocean. It was amazing. Getting home, though, was a little confusing. We walked as the sun began to set, and as it got darker, it got a lot colder. I had worn shorts and that was just a bad situation waiting to happen. We wandered the different towns that we had walked past on the beach and it took a while, but we finally ended up back in Penzance. Total, we probably walked about 16-18 miles that day. Needless to say, I have blisters.

Here are the four views of St. Michael’s that we saw. You can use that to see how far we walked.


We travelled home yesterday (Sunday), and made it home in time for church. From only two weeks of visiting there, I can tell that BCC (Bath City Church) is a really incredible organization. All the people are so welcoming, the worship is intensely amazing, and the preaching is thought-provoking. Last night, I was familiar with most of the songs; we sang an instrumental version of a hymn and that’s when it really hit me, the reality of how big the body of Christ is. BCC is very prophetic and very spiritual, which is a bit new to me, but I’m really enjoying the experiences I’ve had there. I had the best conversation after service with a man named Stephan, who let me pick his brain about faith in England. I’m really excited to continue to connect with people of faith here and learn so much more. Lloyd, the minister in charge, asked “When is the last time Jesus amazed you?” and I’m thankful to say that in Bath, I am constantly in awe of Him.


One thought on ““Welcome to the world of doing things the way they aren’t supposed to be done”

  1. I’m sitting in my LU office in tears (surprise!) reading your journal. You see God in all that you see, all that you do and in the people you come in contact with! Praying for continued safety and that God will always put you in AWE of HIM! I love the updates and pictures. Come them coming precious!!!

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