A Medieval Visit

Tonight I’m writing with a stuffy nose, in a silent flat, listening to the rain fall outside. It’s that kind of day.

Yesterday, we took a group trip to Glastonbury and Wells. Our guide and coach driver were the same as last week, Tony and Neil. Glastonbury is known for witchcraft, spiritual beliefs and linked to King Arthur. We didn’t do much in the town, but we did take a windy hike up to the Glastonbury Tor and had a spectacular view of the city.

In Wells, we strolled through the town market and visited the 13th century Wells Cathedral, another unreal piece of architecture. It’s not only the smallest city in England but Wells is also a medieval city, so all the architecture is entirely gothic style. Tony once again amazed me with all of his knowledge, but he kept quizzing me on information that I was very unfamiliar with, so that was…awkward. But I did learn a lot from him. We weren’t allowed to photograph inside, which was disappointing. The three cathedrals we’ve visited have had the same floorplan, but the décor and architecture is unique to each city, which is interesting to compare. Wells Cathedral houses a library built in the late 1400s that we were able to view. It was pretty much the real life Restricted Section at Hogwarts. Visiting all these sites filled with so much history is truly surreal. Wherever we go, I try to imagine what these towns must have been like when they were first built, which is somewhat easy because everything has been kept so well. Even when walking around Bath, it’s crazy to imagine Jane Austen walking on these same streets or Romans using these exact bricks to build the city.

Today, I spent my morning in class and my afternoon sitting outside the Royal Crescent reading Jane Austen, which was pretty perfect. I didn’t get too much reading done. though, because people-watching was just too tempting. Our group had a devotional and then birthday dinner for Evan and Lindsey, and 8 of us girls may have danced the night away in our flat. Americans, though, are much louder than Brits apparently; the manager of our apartments came to quiet the party down. It always seems like we’re the only ones awake past 10:00.


This weekend, we’re staying in Bath and hopefully doing some of the site-seeing we haven’t been able to yet. According to Tony, this is supposed to be a popular weekend for tourists to be here (Jane Austen festival, football game, etc), so we’ll see what happens! For now, goodnight world.


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