Sunday Funday

This morning, instead of a church service, we all finished our Bible homework. Seemed fitting for a Sunday morning! This afternoon, though, we went to Evensong at Bath Abbey. The abbey is right next to the baths, so it was kind of surprising that we hadn’t gone in yet! I can’t begin to describe how amazing it is to visit all of these magnificent churches. Once inside, it’s hard to comprehend how they even built such huge columns, created such intricate stain glass, and structured the ceilings so perfectly. Although the cathedrals and abbeys we’ve been inside are all similar, each is unique to the city and culture. The members at Bath Abbey were quite friendly and had a bigger sense of community that any others.  This was the first service we went to that had a choral singing, so that was my favorite part of the afternoon. The mixture of the organ, abbey acoustics, and gorgeous voices was something I’d never experience before. Even in movies or CDs…that just doesn’t do it justice. We had an order of worship to follow along in, but most of the time it was neat simply to listen to the music than try to understand what they were singing.


This evening, we continued our Sunday night tradition and went to The Lamb and Lion pub before church at BCC (Bath City Church). The waitresses there know us now, and can probably guess what we’ll order (2 for 1 dessert…). At BCC, members recognize us, which I appreciate. I hate meeting people, having a conversation with them, then never speaking again. Not my style. Lloyd, the young adult’s minister, is so friendly and always makes sure to say hello to us and acknowledge our group during service. I didn’t know a single one of the songs we sang, but it didn’t seem to matter. My favorite line from tonight, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.” To be in this country, listening to all these difference people, from all these different places, worship our God…it’s incredible. It’s an experience I cannot describe. I keep using the same adjectives (incredible, amazing, awesome) but there are no words to show how great it is to be here. BCC really advocates simply being in the presence of God and recognizing the stirring of the Spirit inside of us, which is also really neat. We took a good five minutes tonight just to stand with our hands open, ready to feel Him. People often use the analogy of “keeping God inside a box” but this trip is truly breaking down any walls I had put God inside. The body of Christ just got a whole lot bigger in my eyes. It’s actually mind-blowing to realize how mighty He really is. There was a guest speaker tonight, a man from Ohio…so good to hear an American accent! I could actually follow the lesson! And he related the story to Duck Dynasty, so it was a win-win situation. Watching the British reaction to his description of the show was priceless.

Best discovery of today: Free McFlurry when I show my student ID card. Thank you British McDonalds.


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