Relaxation Station

It’s been a pretty slow week here in Bath. Highlights: I’ve gotten a lot of planning done! My apartment planned our trip to London for Monday and Tuesday, and bought plane tickets to Spain! Life seems like a dream. England feels like home, but the touches of America are nice. Shout-out to my wonderful grandparents for sending me my favorite cereals (Lucky Charms are like gold in the UK) and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I’m gonna be honest, Grandaddy…I’ve already eaten one bag. Savannah and I have figured out which channels have semi-normal British television or American shows. There’s actually a soap opera called “Hollyoaks,” which we found hilarious once we figured out the pun. Grocery shopping, though, is weekly torture. You would think a meal as simple as chili would be pretty easy to make, regardless of where you are. Not the case. Who knew there were so many types of canned tomatoes in Britain, and barely any canned beans? Somehow, I made some pretty darn good chili and baked some decent cookies. There are so many small details I would never think about if I wasn’t living here, like how the measuring system is different (try converting cups to imperial pints) or figuring out which side of the street to walk on. After 4 full weeks of living here, though, I’m finally getting the hang of things. Now I’m getting excited to explore the rest of the country and then onto the continent!

New words of the week:

  • Popsicles: Lollies
  • Confectionary: candy

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