Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Tonight, I type away in my sleepy flat, surrounded by the sounds of buses passing by and the footsteps of neighbors above me. It has been another lazy Sunday (more like lazy weekend) in Bath, filled with homework and a lot of One Direction. I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight with the anticipation of tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I fulfill a dream I never thought I’d be able to. Tomorrow is our HARRY POTTER SET TOUR. It’s happening, believe it. I feel sure that tears will be shed, and I will be in shock for at least a week. I can’t believe it!

Savannah’s parents arrived in Bath today for their visit, and it was so good to see them. A mom hug was just what I needed. It’s odd to realize that I haven’t seen anyone I know (other than our group) in a month. I am constantly surrounded by strangers. I am constantly in unfamiliar places, trying to find my way. Today, though, I was walking around town and did run into a friend from BCC; it was a nice moment in the day, and once again brought me to the reality that this is home until December.

It’s our fourth week at BCC, and all the Uni students are back in town. When Lloyd asked all the first-timers to stand up, it was nice not to be the new ones. Our group is still pretty recognizable, though. When we introduce ourselves, the immediate response is, “Oh the Americans!” Sometimes people think we’re Canadian because they differentiate our accents, which we find pretty funny. It’s nice to be within a community, especially surround by people of faith. BCC encourages praying for the nations, and Lloyd always gives “the Americans” a shout-out in that prayer. It’s odd to pray for your own country, especially when you’re in another. At the service we went to at Westminster Abbey, they prayed for the members of the royal family by name. Praying for the nations and for those who don’t know Christ has become a theme for many of us within our group.

Like I’ve said before, BCC also encourages simply being in the presence of God. Recognizing the Holy Spirit’s presence. Most of the songs we sing are ones I’ve never heard before, but the lyrics are pretty simple and I catch on quick. Tonight, for the first time, I was not caught off-guard by hearing so many people speak in tongues. I wasn’t surprised that no one was clapping on beat. I wasn’t shocked to hear crying, laughter, shouting, and whispering during a prayer. I joined in with all the voices, no one singing the same words or verses, just whatever we felt like singing. I watched people dance, jump, and wave flags in worship. Although it’s different from what I’m used to (far from the traditional Church of Christ service), it’s beautiful to see God’s people praising Him. Something that’s hard to describe. It was another great night.

“You’re the only one who brings me to my knees, to share this love across the earth, the beauty of Your Holy Word”


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

  1. Jenna, I echo the words from Bruce.
    Hearing about your commitment to the Lord, being open to new experiences…. it makes me smile. Your posts are a continual affirmation of why I enjoy doing what I do. Blessings on your week.

  2. Jenna, it was great to see you! You are such a special person. I am so glad that you and Savannah are getting to share this experience together! Thank you, again, for the blog. It is so nice to get to read about your adventures and experiences. Have fun in London! I hope to give you another “mom hug” soon! Love, Kelly

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