Late Night Packing

Tonight, I’m packing for my first trip to the continent! We’re hitting three cities in three countries in three days, and proud of it. It will be an on-the-go weekend, but a new motto for our group has been, “We can sleep in December.” This week has been tiring, and filled with planning and studying, but we’ve finally nailed down a few more trips, like our girls trip to Spain and then Dublin. It’s amazing that three days ago I was in London, and in just a few hours I’ll be on a plane to the Netherlands. Life constantly seems like a dream, and I can never stop thanking God for blessing me with this opportunity.

Bath feels like home, and it’s so nice to come home to. We spent the afternoon in a coffee shop today, doing homework and eating soup. It’s a hit or miss with English food, but red pepper and tomato soup is really popular here and so delicious. We ate dinner at Pizza Express, a restaurant I walk past every day and have been wanting to try. Dining in is always interesting because the service is so different. In the States, waiters want to please their customers to earn a good tip. In England, no one tips so no one is in a hurry to serve you. It’s one of the small changes I would have never known without living here.

More phrases I’m picking up:

  • motorway=interstate
  • to let=to lease
  • dogs on lead=dogs on leash

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