Barcelona Bound

Up late once again, packing and frantically finishing homework. 2 AM is becoming my new bed time…

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for since last Tuesday: the day I was able to sleep in. It wasn’t until the afternoon that I woke up, and then my day was filled with homework. We’ve found a café that we like, Jacob’s Coffee House, one that has wifi and I can actually get work done, so I spent the afternoon there. Weekends in Bath are so hectic, I dread walking up the main strip and darting through the tourists. I guess I’m a true resident!

Tonight, BCC hosted a Jesus Culture concert which 8 of us went to. It was a whole lot different hearing them perform their songs live, in a room full of people. BCC is an old cinema, and the entire place was packed. I think the greatest feeling I’ve discovered here is knowing that God is my only familiarity. Even though I’m not in Franklin, not at Otter Creek, not in my car, not at Lipscomb, not at Justice…I still have one thing that will never change, my faith. I love that feeling. It’s surreal when leaders say anything along the lines of praying for nations or spreading God all over the world because that’s literally what we’re doing, going around the world and seeing all of God’s creation. His power truly shines here.

Wish us luck in Barcelona!

“You’re awakening our hearts for Your kingdom, Heaven is falling as we are declaring Your name.”


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