We Made It!

Typing away tonight tucked into my hostel bunk bed. It’s been a long day…

Another early morning, another taxi, another plane ride, another bus. Public transportation is becoming a second home. A taxi ride to the airport from our apartment is pretty cheap when we split it, but the ride there is completely long, windy backroads. Last week, I wound up sick on the side of the road. Thankfully my stomach was more prepared this time. We had a fiasco with our tickets, but ended up safe on the plane and two hours later, we were in Spain!

Flying in, the first thing I noticed is how mountainous this country is. I never pictured Spain that way. We flew into Girona, then took an hour long bus ride into Barcelona. It feels good breaking out my rusty, broken high school Spanish. The food here is okay so far, but hard to explain. We’ve had to accept that even if we think we know what we ordered, it can (and usually will) come out different.

We checked into our hostel and decided to walk to the beach since it was already late afternoon. Barcelona is so beautiful! The water is gorgeous, the people are friendly…everything’s perfect here! We spent most of the afternoon sitting at the port, then watched the sunset as we ate dinner, my favorite part of the night. Most exciting part of the evening: seeing men run past us, then seeing the police run past us, and watching the entire arrest.

Our hostel is fairly nice, and the people are great. There’s always one person in the room that’s a talker, and tonight it’s my bunk mate. He speaks French, English, and Spanish and somehow communicates in all three at once. It seems like a luxury to be in the same city for an entire two and a half days, and the same hostel for three nights.


For now, goodnight from Barcelona!






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