Girls Weekend Recap

Girls weekend was a success!

On Sunday, we ate breakfast and spent some time having a short devotional on the port. We prayed for God to give us a safe weekend and open our eyes to see Him, and He, as usual, He blessed our time in Barcelona. We walked along La Rambla, a famous street for street vendors and lots of people-watching. We bought lots of souvenirs and saw lots of interesting people. After that, we took the metro to Park Guell, one of the most famous sites-to-see in Barcelona (If you’re my age, you may recognize it from THE CHEETAH GIRLS 2).  It seems like you figure out one city’s transportation system, you can figure out any. All our skills from London’s Underground came in handy. It was a long hike up to Park Guell and once we entered it just kept climbing upwards. Every view was more and more incredible. Everything was covered in detail, whether that was mosaics or statues or just cool architecture. There was so much to explore, we could’ve spent the whole day there instead of just an afternoon.

We left Park Guell before the sun started to set and made it back to the ports to watch the sunset, which was one of the best from this trip. After that we ate dinner and finally, I got a fajita. If you know me well, you’ll know I can’t go very long without having Mexican food and since Mexican food doesn’t exist in England, I have been seriously deprived. Everyone said that I wouldn’t find a  fajita in Spain because Mexican food is different from Spanish food, which is true, but on Sunday night I found the best fajitas in town! Honestly, it was one of the highlights of the trip. That’s how much I love fajitas.

Monday was our walking day. We ate breakfast and hit the metro again, planning to see Sagrada Familia and then walk down another famous street until we hit the beach. The only hitch in our plan was the chocolate muffin in my stomach, which apparently wasn’t sitting well. The muffin was not in my stomach for long. Sagrada Familia was beautiful and so huge, but I was so sick that all I wanted to do was sit and not be surrounded by hundreds of tourists in the hot sun. Once we started walking, I began to feel much better. It was nice to walk through a major part of the city and see Spanish architecture, listen to all the different languages being spoken. Personally, I love to see a city from this view.

We walked and walked and walked, eventually getting to the beach! The weather was absolutely perfect this weekend. We ended up watching the sunset as we sat on rocks lining the shore; it was the perfect ending to our trip. We grabbed dinner after that, but eating in Spain is complicated. All the food was different, and in any country, it’s difficult to understand how to order. Sometimes you order at a bar and seat yourselves, sometimes you have to wait and have someone take your order, but a universal theme is poor service. It’s the norm here to take an order, deliver the food and not do anything else for a table. You have to make a serious effort to flag a waiter down to pay or ask any questions. It was especially frustrating in Spain, trying to translate and order all at the same time. That night in our hostel was…interesting. It was a nice place to stay and we felt safe, but one of our roommates decided that taking out his “herbs” to sell to another roommate was a good decision. So that was…interesting.

Travelling home required four steps: Taking a taxi to the bus station, taking a bus to the airport, flying to Bristol, taking a bus from Bristol to Bath. I wasn’t kidding when I said we spend most of our time on public transportation. Our taxi picked us up at 2 AM, bus ride began at 3:45 AM, and our plane took up at 7:30 AM. It was a long morning, but we arrived back in Bath safe and sound! God was good to us this weekend. I feel so blessed to be able to see His glory all over the earth!


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