Paris Things

Another 6 AM start today…rough. A big theme for this entire semester is “we can sleep in December.” We have a tour guide for the week, Ursula, who took us to Versailles this morning! It was incredible. To see the lavishness, the grandeur, and all the history…truly unbelievable. The gardens were my favorite part, rather than the palace. I have always been intrigued by Marie Antoinette, and to see her chateau was amazing. The gardens were beautiful, it was unbelievable to see how large it was. To walk from one end to the other, it takes an hour! We spent our time exploring, the usual.

After our visit to Versailles, we spent a few hours taking a guided tour of the Louvre, which was super quick but really interesting. As many of you know, I’m not much of an art person, but to see one of the most famous piece of art in history was surreal. The Mona Lisa was a bit disappointing; there’s a lot of attention put on her, but she’s just a tiny little painting on one wall, and then on the wall directly opposite of her sits the largest painting in the entire museum, of Jesus’s first miracle. It was mind blowing to think that some of these paintings took years to complete.

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around Paris, then headed to the Tower for sunset. It’s so beautiful just to be around. I don’t understand why Ursula described the metro system here one of the best in the world…everything in Paris is pretty dirty and surprisingly sketchy. It’s an early night for our entire group…I am completely exhausted after a full day. Can’t wait for our bike tour in the morning!








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