Comin’ at you tonight from Krakow, Poland!

We’ve had one of the longest travel days of my life. We woke up this morning in Paris…actually, Mary Kate woke me up and had already made a plate of breakfast for me. She’s the best. Our travel group left our hotel to take the metro to a bus that took us to an airport outside of Paris. Getting out of France today was just as difficult as the first time, at the ferry. Remember that night? At least this time I was conscious.

We use a really cheap airline, Ryanair, but sometimes it seems like the cheap prices aren’t worth the hassle they entail at the airport. Printing off boarding passes beforehand (but not after 24-hours beforehand), fitting all your things into one bag, fit that bag inside a metal box to measure it…it’s all just very different and, to be frank, annoying. The French security also didn’t help. Airports here are also stressful because the gate isn’t announced until it’s time to board…there’s just a lot of stress involved with flying. We finally got on the plane after what seemed like the longest afternoon and made it to Krakow tonight. The Polish language isn’t one that’s similar to anything we understand. There are lots of z’s involved. It was pretty comical to walk around trying to read Polish bus maps with Rachel. We took one bus into the city center, but from there we decided to give up on guessing and take a taxi to the hostel. Accidentally ordered two means instead of one, if that tells you how good my Polish is. Good thing everything’s cheap!


Hostels are always a gamble, but one of my favorite parts of traveling is being rewarded for all of our hard work with a great hostel. Tonight we’re at the Panda Hostel, where yes, everything is decorated in pandas. The workers are friendly, and the rooms are clean. Those are our top priorities in a hostel. Making friends with whoever works the desk is key; they can be so helpful. Tonight, an employee helped us book our tour of Auschwitz and get a cheap deal. We’re sharing a room with one another woman, it’s just the worst when you bunk with a stranger who can’t sleep. I’m currently listening to her mutter different languages in her sleep…

This trip is one that started out at a high-stress level, simply because it was last minute, but seriously…God is good! He never fails. Woke up in Paris, going to be in Poland. Life is good. Going to bed before midnight for the first time in who knows how long.





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