Home Sweet Home

After 16 days away from Bath, we’re finally home! British accents are music to my ears.

On Friday, we spent the day exploring the gorgeous city of Venice. We took a train on Friday night headed for Milan; we flew out of a Milan airport because that’s where the cheapest flights were. After sneaking into first class and getting kicked out (we made it for about an hour, though!), we ended up sitting in between the train cars for a while, which was my favorite part of the night. When things go unexpectedly, like no available seats, it always makes for good memories! Like, not being able to keep our balance, making up games to play, entertaining other passengers with our antics.  We got to know our train manager pretty well through all this, and he ended up finding seats for us. This was the only day when I wished I spoke Italian, because so many people could understand English, but would only respond in Italian. I’m also a big people-watcher, and not being able to understand the conversations going on around me (or the conversation that I’m in) was frustrating.


We arrived in Milan and took the metro to our hostel; thankfully, we ran into some other Americans along the way who were staying at the same place. The hostel was completely hidden; we would have never found it without them. When we walked in, we all immediately had the same thought: this is a school. Lockers lining the halls, communal bathrooms, a cafeteria rooms…all signs pointed to one conclusion: we were sleeping in an old elementary school. And it was creepy.

When we woke up on Saturday morning, we realized that we didn’t have a big itinerary for Milan. After breakfast (breakfasts in hostels usually mean stuffing yourself with bread and bad juice), we went to the Duomo, one of the main attractions in Milan. It’s a beautiful cathedral, the outside much different than anything we’d seen before. The inside was incredible simply because of the magnitude. High ceilings, dark lighting, not much artwork, and huge columns. For the first time, though, we saw skeletons. Glass coffins with very real skeletons on the inside. Personally, I could’ve gone without seeing decaying bodies dressed up, but hey, to each their own. The cold weather in Milan kind of ruined the day for us. We walked through the shopping area then sat on a bench for a while, listening to a street musician, people-watching, spotting out all the fashion statements…but it was freezing! Going from perfect, sunny Rome weather to frigid wind was a shock to our systems. We ate one last Italian meal (still pretty upset that spaghetti and meatballs were nowhere to be found in all of Italy) and 3 last scoops of gelato. Milan is definitely more cosmopolitan than anything we’d seen in Italy.


We flew to London late on Saturday night, arriving in the GB around 2 am. We stayed in the airport until about 5:30 then made our way to the train station. (Pictures of sleeping the cold airport below.) After lots of confusing bus rides (the tube wasn’t open yet, and we had never used London’s bus system) and lots of running, we made it just in time for the 8 am train to Bath. The city that I love! We were all so ready to be home, and coming back to Christmas lights hung around the city was a perfect welcome. The built-up exhaustion from the past 2 weeks hit hard once we saw our clean, made up b6-houra 6 hour nap was much needed.

After 2 weeks of no school work, it’s time to hide away in the library for a while. Hopefully pictures and more posts to come!


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