As the end of our time here approaches, all I want to do is soak up every moment with this group of people. I guess I never expected to become this close to everyone on the trip, and definitely didn’t think we would feel like a family, but they have. The last few days have been spent around Bath or in our apartments, but we’ve made so many memories just doing that. The importance of community is something our entire group has recognized and taken advantage of. Every morning, I wake up and am amazed at where I am, but I’m also filled with joy when I roll over and see Savannah still sleeping, or hear Rachel in the kitchen. God has blessed me so richly. He’s a God that keeps His promises. A big group went to Amsterdam this week, so only about 9 of us were here, but when groups are mixed up (I think) is when we have the most fun. We’ve had a movie night every single night this week, ate lots of junk food (sorry Hannah, I’ve been stealing your m&ms), and laughed like I haven’t in a long time. Tonight was Bath’s Christmas lighting! It was obviously a lot more low key than London’s, but it was the most people I’d ever seen on the streets of Bath. There was a big stage set up for all the bands that played and we were once again the noisy Americans who were laughing, dancing, and singing along. The lights have been set up, swinging in the streets since we got back from Italy. They’re gorgeous and so festive! The city looks amazing with everything lit up. It’s strange because if I was in the States, it would feel so weird and wrong to be even thinking about Christmas this early (before Thanksgiving), but the Christmas spirit is definitely high in England!




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