Living in the Light

I’m typing to you as I’m curled up on a train to Edinburgh, Scotland. We caught an early train to London this morning and then another to Scotland. I can’t believe that before this semester, I’d never ridden a train; now, I sleep better here than I do in a bed. One great thing about trains, and especially long rides like this one: they give you time to think. Over the last week, I’ve thought a lot about Satan’s power. Some may try to ignore him or even say he doesn’t have power, but in my life and throughout this trip, I have seen Satan firsthand. Walking through the Red Light District in Amsterdam was a moment I’ll never forget. One amazing thing about Satan’s darkness, though, is the light and hope that can shine through it – the hope that comes from God, which I’ve also seen firsthand. In high school, I heard a speaker explain that all of Satan’s power comes from anyone who believes that three lies that Satan tells us: you are alone, this is all there is, and this is not enough. It was one of the most impactful sermons I’ve ever heard. Maybe you’ve never listened to those lies or maybe you’ve experienced one today. Just last week, Satan tried to instill fear in me through those lies but God always has and always will deliver. He never fails. As I look back on my life, I’m able to see that He was always by my side, even if I couldn’t see Him at the time. I write this to say: if you’re feeling Satan’s grasp or believing his lies, remember that you are not alone, there is more than this, and God our Comfort is more than enough.

I went for a walk yesterday to one of my favorite places in Bath: Victoria Park. It was a cloudy night, but I could still see the colors of the sunset trying to peek through. The leaves have changed and fallen. The moon shined through the clouds. It’s amazing that even just as I take a walk, God is physically with me through His creation.

Last night at our group devotional, Dr. Gaw said that this semester may be the one thing in our lives that prepares us for everything else. The one thing that’s incomparable to anything else. I have learned so much about the world, myself, and God’s power over the last three months, so I would ¬†completely agree with Papa Gaw.

I’m so excited to see some of Scotland over the next couple of days. I can’t believe this will be my 11th country!


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