Yesterday, Rachel and I decided to procrastinate about doing homework (as usual) and take pictures of the beautiful city we live in! We want to remember this place forever, but even pictures can’t fully illustrate Bath at it’s finest.







Today, we spent the day cleaning because we had visitors! The Board of Trustees and the President of Lipscomb came to tour Bath, see our apartments, and eat dinner with us. It was so refreshing to hear Southern accents and familiar faces.  Savannah and I were assigned to John and Jennifer Little, and it was so nice to be around parents! Hugs from moms and dads were very much needed, even if it wasn’t our own. We loved having them in our home. Seeing members from my church was especially fun for me, and it made me miss the OC! The dinner was great, mostly because we got to socialize with people other than the 26 people we have been for the past 3 months. And it was a steak dinner, an added bonus! Spending tonight studying away…writing this is my study break! I’ve been cramming knowledge about the English Revival into my head all night. Finals are coming quickly, but lots to do in the meantime. Time is flying by, when really all I want to do is soak in Bath. I love this city.


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